11 June 2015

“Good morning, Chuck. “How are you feeling today?”

“Better than yesterday, although I didn’t sleep much last night. I went to bed around 9:30 and woke up at about 12:30. I don’t think I slept for more than five or ten minutes after that.

“A friend is taking me out to lunch. I’m looking forward to that. I’ll stick around here until about 4:00, talk to her a while before she takes her bus home. That’s my day.”

“You’ve seen that black guy with no legs, rides around in an electric wheelchair? The guy is nuts. I usually don’t spend much time listening to him. Today he was talking about starting a union for panhandlers. Can you imagine that? What are we going to do — go on strike?  Who’d notice? If they did they’d probably be pleased.”

A woman stopped to pet Goldie. “How is she feeling now?” the woman asked.

“A little better. She gets the bandages off today. Tomorrow I’ll take her in for a haircut. I do that once a year. She’s nine years old and doesn’t have any teeth left, so she has trouble eating. That causes her to have trouble going to the bathroom. She’s getting more active she jumped up on my chair yesterday. That’s a good sign.”

To me Chuck said, “I told you I live in a rough neighborhood. Did you hear about the shooting last night? It was just up the hill and around the corner from me.”

A 23-year-old man faces charges after a gun was fired into a wooded area after it was pointed at a man’s head during a dust-up.

Police guns and gangs said a verbal altercation took place between two men on June 1.

A man pulled a handgun out and pointed at the victim who swiftly knocked the gun away.

After threatening the victim, police allege a round was fired into the woods nearby.

At the time, police were unable to locate any shell casings or any other evidence of a shooting.

But guns and gangs officers along with Direct Action Response Team (DART) further investigated and confirmed that at least one round had been discharged.

The victim and suspect did not know each other prior to this incident taking place.

The handgun has still not been recovered and the investigation is continuing.

An unnamed man charged with several firearms related offences including assault with a weapon and uttering death threats.

He was arrested Friday at his home without incident.

He will appear in court Saturday morning.

“That area used to be a hobo village of sorts. The guy who ran it just got out of jail. To get in you needed to contribute some food to the pot, an onion, potatoes, a can of tuna, anything you could bring. It didn’t have to taste good. It was whatever was available. Anyway, shortly after he was released from jail a cop stopped him and asked, ‘What are you up to , Lou?’ He said, ‘I just found this wallet and was returning to the Police station to turn it in.’  Actually, he had lifted it from the seat of the cruiser that dropped him off.

“This afternoon I need to get some groceries. I was hoping that my son could give me a ride, but he has to work. There’s a guy I know who sells chicken to some of the restaurants. He can sell me a package of twenty pieces for less than I’d play at the grocery store. He said, ‘Chuck, I can guarantee you that this chicken was eating lunch yesterday afternoon — that’s how fresh it is.’ You can’t beat that.

“I need a can of gravy. I’ve got some chicken that I cook in my toaster oven — twenty minutes one side,  turn it, twenty minutes on the other side, turn it again, then twenty minutes to finish it off. The only problem is that my place is so crowded, my toaster oven is in the bedroom. Anyway, I’ll slice some potatoes, fry them. Put some frozen vegetables in the microwave for about ten minutes, mix everything together and that’s my supper.”


Read more about my friends here  http://buff.ly/1wyjiKS



  1. Hey Dennis, happy new year! It’s been a while since I’ve been here, but I see you’ve kept the family going 🙂
    Talk about a resilience in spirit. I bet you that dinner is gonna taste just great! So much our brethren her deal with on day to day, but I like to dwell on, and focus on the uplifting parts.


  2. angel31260 says:

    Just a bum, this gentleman is not just a bum, a very knowledgeable intelligent man disabled lost deep in his thoughts, maybe due to his medical condition, who needs a little friendly recognition, a little uplift in his life of feeling like he is a member of his community, and acknowledgement that this is a good person in today’s society who needs a little TLC -Tender Loving Care and a helping hand to turn a new chapter in his life to regain his self of well being and get his self esteem back into his life, please remember look at yourself sir, as not being disabled, look at yourself instead as physically challenged you have alot to give back to yourself and the people around you and make good of your life, your not just a bum, Sincerely, I want to wish you the best of luck and total happiness in your new life and also in the future that awaits you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for yur comment Angel. It is much appreciated. I’ll pass on your message to Chuck. He has periods when depression gets the best of him, but for the most part he is happy, smiling and ready with a joke. I have been sitting and standing with street people for about five years now and I share the dirty looks, the snide comments and the averted gazes, even from people I work with. If we all helped each other, instead of competing in matters of income, prestige and who has the fanciest car, there would be no homeless and hungry people.

      Liked by 1 person

      • angel31260 says:

        I truly believe in what you wrote in your last message to me Dennis you are an inspiration to me as in memory of my Dad was one of the homeless, i honor your work and if there were more nice and thoughtful people in this world like you are Dennis and this world would be a much happier world to live in my friend, people would be alot happier and maybe try to help themselves out a little more, and


      • angel31260 says:

        Your welcome Dennis i’m praying for Chuck i just wrote a poem about Street Justice i can’t find if you received my comment of reply


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