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Pavement Cafe

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Anna Ghislena

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I’ve been sitting here awhile. 

My cup is empty. 

No matter, I like watching human traffic.

Foreign students chatter by.

Her!  She passes every day;

fresh long hair, a breezy skirt, so beautiful;

the picture of my love when I promised her the universe.

Now there’s a young man with determination in his stride;

his tie flapping across his chest; his briefcase full of ambition;

I remember those days, before this.

A fretful girl struggles with her double pram.   Are my children all grown up now?

As the world turns a dog sniffs my shoe.

Clink.  Silver hits my cup.  I salute you.

©Anna Ghislena 2013

This was another 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups .  To take part head for this link :

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How Much Charity Is Enough?

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Jesus was very specific in saying that His followers need to provide for and protect those who can’t take care of themselves. And He also pointed out that whoever does something good for someone else in His name is effectively doing it for Him.

A good reason to be charitable, don’t you think?

My wife and I contribute a percentage of our income to our church, and part of the church budget helps provide for people having special needs. In times of death or severe illness, we’re also apt to sign up to bring a meal to a family in need. And we have many needy people in our individual prayer lists.

Richmond has a special program called CARITAS. While I can’t remember what the acronym stands for beyond “Churches around Richmond,” I understand their purpose. To try to break the cycle of homelessness for as many people as…

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Rules On Sofa Surfing

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Rules On Sofa Surfing.




12 June 2015

“Good morning Chuck. I have the feeling that it’s going to start raining very soon. You didn’t happen to notice twenty, or so, nude women running by, did you?”

“No, I didn’t see anything like that, but I can feel rain in the air and can see those dark clouds hovering above.”

I said, “I notice that Goldie isn’t with you this morning. Is she alright?”

“She’ll be fine. When I took off her bandages I noticed a bit of infection, so she’ll be seeing her vet this afternoon. It’s nothing to worry about. Last night it seemed that she was trying to get out of her cone, the one they put on her so she wouldn’t lick her stitches. After watching for a while, I realized that she wasn’t trying to get out of it, she just kept bumping into things with it. She’s used to being able to go certain places and with the cone she’s not able to and she forgets.

“I saw a cartoon of two dogs wearing cones. One said to the other, ‘There is an upside to this. I can hear the mailman coming from three blocks away. Grrrrrrrrr.’

“Well I’ve got company coming over for lunch. That’s company of the female persuasion, so that’s something to look forward to. I’m going to have to stop at the grocery store for a few things.

“I can feel that rain coming down, so I’m off to the store. I’ll see you next week.”

“Bye Chuck, have a good weekend.”


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