“For I was Hungry…”

Posted: June 30, 2015 in Uncategorized


Dear homeless boy sitting on the curb,

In the heat of the day, I passed you by.

Your was face darkened with fear, anger and hunger,

But I averted my eyes.

Alone in a world of 7 billion people,

I hardened my heart choosing not to wonder.

A face so young with eyes grown old.

What happened to you to make you thus so?

I suppose I could have stopped

And chatted with you all the same.

Maybe there’d be a change

If I had prayed over you in Yahshua’s name.

But I’m heading to Bible study now,

My emotions too comfortable to disturb.

Perhaps another passerby will come strolling ’round the curb.

“Yes,” I console my conscience.

Perhaps another passerby will come strolling ’round the curb.

Matthew 25:35-40

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  1. Jim Brennan says:

    Dennis, do you know anything about sequesteredwonders? writer? homeless? any other background. I’d like to reblog this, but now without saying a word about the author.


    • Hi Jim, I don’t know anything about sequesteredwonderers?,writer?homeless? I’d be glad to share any information. Send me some questions. I’d be glad to answer them. Most of what I write doesn’t involve me as anything more than a listener.



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