Invisible People

Posted: August 19, 2015 in Uncategorized


I have always been fond of giving back to the community and helping those that are less fortunate than ourselves. A little bit of generosity; such as, monetary donation, food, shelter and clothes. The slightest change of perception can go a long way for somebody who has nothing. However, not all times I have found myself in a position to contribute to our society, but when I do it makes me feel content and warm-hearted; knowing that I made a difference: putting a smile on someone’s face and contributing to their needs.

I have realised that some people don’t feel comfortable giving to homeless people for what ever reason that might be. The stereotypical concept on homeless people are that they are alcoholics, con-artists, or perhaps they just don’t feel that they deserve any help because they think it’s their own fault for putting themselves in that position to begin…

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  1. oneail says:

    Saw the photo. Thank you. I always wanted to do a photo essay on homeless and who they were. Was going to call it reunification and have people holding pictures of themselves or family.


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