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Everyone has a story

Terry The Tourist

Over the past 18 months, coincidentally or not round about since I have been married, I’ve found substantially more contentment, and peace. I’ve started to take care of my mental health and noticed I have become increasingly empathetic of others.

Although it’s a drop in the ocean compared to those that dedicate their life to others, I’ve got involved with charity more and tried where possible to help those they really need it. Whether it is advice, an ear to listen or just a smile and acceptance.


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  1. egbertstarr says:

    In a sense, he’s everybody’s neighbor. He’s our neighbor. Part of the hard part, I think, is how to tell that story that, yet, as you say, everybody else. His looks pretty hard, pretty grim, but you are helping him tell it—as we all, in turn, read it. It could be mine, perhaps yours . . . with just a few things and twists that went one way going the other . . .


  2. Our homeless population is at an all time high and we continually hear the economy is improving. If this is true, why are we seeing so many people hurting? The middle class has now joined the homeless on the streets of the USofA.


  3. Is it intentional in that post’s original page to post the last paragraph twice?


  4. Do the best you can for your self. Blame us for the rest.


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