Little Jake

Posted: September 18, 2015 in Prose
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18 September 2015

I nearly ran into Jake; I was walking along the sidewalk on my way to work, he was exiting a building. He was wearing his usual green cap, an orange and black tee shirt, beige shorts and sun glasses.


“Dennis! Sorry I nearly ran you over. I just stepped in here to use the bathroom.”

“How’ve you been?” he asked.

“I’ve been fine. I haven’t seen many of the regulars around. I have seen Magdalene and Adam, Chuck, Joe, Mary, a few others. I stopped and talked with them a while. Do you still meet near the bridge?”

“Yeah, I go there, Mariah’s there nearly every day, Jacques, Wolf and Shaggy. Wolf slept out last night. He was wasted on something. He could barely walk. I was partying and stayed out as well. this morning I’ve been panning in front of the coffee shop, trying to get enough change for breakfast.

“You’ll have to come by.”

“I will, Jake. I can’t make it today, but next week, for sure. The weather’s been so unpredictable lately. One day is too hot, the next day it rains.

“Are you still living in the same place?” I asked.

“Yeah, everything is still the same.”

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