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22 September 2015

Since hearing from Little Jake that my friends were meeting in the park again I wandered over at noon. The first to greet me was Shaggy, wagging her tail, pushing her head under my hand, moving further forward so I could scratch her back.

Wolf said, “See, she missed you, we all missed you. Jake mentioned seeing you the other day. Have a seat.” Mariah offered me a cushion to sit on. “What do you think of those Blue Jays, they got a real streak going. Tickets are selling for $337. unless you want the luxury seats for seven and a half thousand. They’ve even brought seats out of storage. The others were sold out. Can you imagine what it’s going to be like if the Jays win the Series over New York. There’ll be riots in the streets. If they lose there’ll be riots in the streets.”

I said to Outcast, “The last time we met, you were going into hospital for a hernia operation. How did that go?”

“Yeah, I had a double inguinal hernia. The operation went okay, but I didn’t listen to the doctor’s advice. He said that I should take it easy for two weeks after the surgery. I was over at Jacques’ place the next day horsing around. I pulled out some stitches. Now, the mesh that they used for the repair is scraping my intestines. Sometimes, I notice blood in the toilet. I’ll have to go in and have it re-done.”

“Nick,” I asked, “didn’t you need surgery the last time I saw you?”

“No, but I had a heart attack. Since that I ‘ve had some memory loss. My brother, who was an alcoholic, passed away a couple of days ago. They’re burying him today. I’m also supposed to see my doctor this afternoon, but to hell with it. I’d rather just sit here with my friends.

“I still make sandwiches and give them out to any homeless people that I come across. There are a couple of women staying at my place. They had nowhere else to go.”

I asked, “Do you know Rhea, a small native woman, who pans up the street.”

“Yeah, she’s a sweetheart.”

I said, “She is staying at a women’s shelter, but isn’t getting along with her noisy roommate.”

“Yeah, noisy roommates are often a problem.”

Outcast said, “Nick, how would you deal with a situation like that?”

Nick responded, “If it happened with women staying at my place, I’d read to them out of my bible. If that didn’t work, I’d take them out in the hall. A bible can be used in many different ways.”

“Wolf,” I asked, “what are you reading now?”

“My ladies brought be some European crime books that have been translated from French to English. I like to read about what happens in other countries. They don’t use guns as much. I like the descriptions of the towns and the countryside. When I’m not at my spot in the morning, or down here at noon, I’m at home reading.”

I said my goodbyes, and promised that I’d come back another day soon.


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