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“Hi Chili, I haven seen you for ages. You’re walking without a cane now.”

“Hi Dennis. Yeah, I can even run and jump now.

“This is my friend Rocco. He’s going to be attending school with me as soon as I can get him registered.”

Rocco said, “Hi man, yeah, I’m looking forward to going to school. I’m off drugs, taking it easy on the booze. I saw too much of that when I was young. When my parents would get into the hard stuff, they’d sort of blackout. That’s the only way I can describe it. They’d beat us kids, and wouldn’t remember a thing about it when they were sober. Now that I’m older I tell them all the shit they put us through.

“My brother is in prison near Pembroke. He’s done four of a twenty year sentence. When he gets out he’s going to see a brother who’s made something of himself.”

I asked, “How are you doing, Chili?”

“Great, I’ve been off the drugs for three years now. I still go for methadone treatments but they’ve cut my dose down to almost nothing. In a little while I won’t need it any more.”

“How’s school going?”

“It’s okay. I got a teacher that doesn’t like me. I don’t like him either. It’s high school and I don’t really get along with the other students. When I walk past, I hear them talking about me and laughing. It’s okay though. I can handle it.”

Shaggy bit into Chili’s pant leg and started pulling and shaking it. He hadn’t bitten into her flesh, but she was obviously afraid. Wolf jumped up, attached Shaggy’s leash to her collar and pulled her over to where he was sitting.

“I’m sorry about that,” Wolf said to Chili. She doesn’t usually do that.

“Bad dog!” he said to Shaggy. “You know better than that, now lie down.”

Wolf said, “I’m sorry Dennis, I’m drunk, Shaggy’s acting up. She’s fourteen years old. Who knows what’s going on in her mind.

“Did I tell you that Jake came over to my place last night? It was a mess, beer cans all over the floor. He picked them all up. The place looks great now.

“Did I tell you what I’m reading now?”

“Yeah, you said something about a European crime novel translated from French to English.”

“No, not that one. That’s finished. This new book is about a hooker who lures married men into an alley, kills them, then cuts their heart out. Can you imagine that; cutting into someone’s chest, through their ribs, prying open their rib cage and ripping out their heart? That’s not the worst part. She takes the heart, puts it into a plastic container, then delivers it to the man’s family. She puts it on the door step, rings the bell and runs. What a shock for the family. They don’t even know the guy’s missing and they open the door to that. I’m going to try to finish reading it tonight. I’m anxious to find out her motive. Also, I probably won’t sleep until the story’s resolved.”

Wolf had the loop of Shaggy’s leash around his wrist. He was gesturing with his hands and accidentally pulled on the leash. Shaggy jumped and bit him above the knee.

“Ow, that hurt! You stupid dog! What did you do that for?”

Wolf let go of the leash to inspect his wounds. Shaggy slunk away and lay down with her back to the group. He pulled up his pant leg. “I thought she drew blood, but she broke the skin.” He dumped her water dish, took her food dish and threw the contents toward the railing.

Outcast yelled, “Wolf, what the fuck are you doing. You threw dog kibble over the three of us sitting here.”

Wolf replied, “I didn’t throw it on you. I threw it over you. What are you going to do about it?”

Outcast said, “How be I ram this beer can down your throat. What’ll you do then?”

“I’ll yell at you, that’s what I’ll do.”


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