9 November 2012

This morning was very cold. Joy and Andre were sitting together. Joy borrowed a cell phone from one of her regulars and requested that her appointment with the Salvation Army worker be moved up to 9:30 am.

“Chester had better be home when I go there to get my stuff. He’s been a real asshole lately. He’s drinking beer and mixing it with sherry. It’s making him act really crazy. Last night he was opening and slamming doors all night long. I got even. When I got up four this morning I made sure that I opened and slammed every door at least twice. He asked me, ‘You washed your dishes and left mine in the sink?’ I said to him, ‘Chester, you’re just a hair away from having your face punched in, so watch what you say.’ I’ll be so glad to get away from that place. He’s even started stealing my sherry. He snuck into my room and I saw him drink out of my bottle. I bought a carton of cigarettes, I haven’t even opened the bag, but I can see there’s a handful missing.”

“Did you hear that Blackie bit Andre this morning.”

I asked, “Were you sleeping outside last night, Andre?”


“Weasel lets that dog lick his sores. Blackie could have HIV. He could have infected me.”

Joy said, “I told him, ‘Weasel, if it weren’t for Blackie, nobody would have anything to do with you, not even Stella. He said, ‘That’s not true.’ I said, ‘You don’t look after Blackie, you’re always passing him off to someone else. You take advantage of people. Nobody likes you.’

Andre said, “When I see him later, I’m going to ask him, “Do you know what a dog bite feels like? Then I’ll pop him. It was the same when my step father would keep bugging me at the table. My mother could see that I was starting to shake, so she told my step dad, ‘Keep that up and Andre’s going to hit you.’ He kept it up, I stood up and knocked him right out of his chair. He was laying on the floor and my mother bent over him and said, ‘I told you.’

Mo said, “We have some good news about Serge. Some of the guys and I have been visiting him in hospital. He’s looking a lot better. He looks strange with his head and beard shaved. They had to do that because of the lice, he had them bad. Apparently he’s lost a lot of weight. They’re giving him some beer and sherry, trying to get him off the Listerine. He asked me, ‘Joy, could you get me a bottle?’ I said, ‘No way, I can still smell that stuff on you.’

Andre said, “It’s just like when I was in hospital last with my heart attack. I lost a lot of weight.”

I said, “I remember that Andre, you were pale, weak, your face was gaunt.”

It was time for me to go to work, Both Andre and Joy said, “If we don’t see you this afternoon, we’ll see you Tuesday.”

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