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10 March 2013

This morning Metro said to me, “Your friend is back. I think she’s still there. I didn’t see her pass this way.”

“Thanks, Metro.”

Sure enough, Joy was sitting in her usual place. She said, “I was wondering if you still came by this way. I’ve been out of the hospital for thirteen days, but it was just too cold to come down here. I’m using a cane now, so I have to be careful walking on icy sidewalks. They gave me a walker to use at home, but I can’t carry it up the stairs. I’ve been put on a list for subsidized housing. They’re going to try to find me a place with no stairs.

“Weasel was worried about you, I talked to him last week.”

“Weasel should be worrying about himself. Did you hear what happened to him?”

“He mentioned that he had been in the hospital.”

“He went really crazy. They had him in the Psych. Ward. He thought that people were shooting at him. He was sitting there dodging bullets. I guess they have him on meds. now.”

“Do you have your Health Card now?”

“No, they seemed to have lost it at the hospital. I don’t have my prescriptions either. I thought they would be in the envelope they gave me, but they weren’t there. I was just anxious to get out,

“Before I went into the hospital I had portions of food in baggies. I forgot to put them in the freezer. When I got home there was a horrible smell and a real mess in the fridge.

I walked to the park at noon. It had started raining, so I wasn’t expecting to see anybody. At the benches were a half dozen of my friends and Shaggy. As I approached Wolf said to me, “You just missed Joy, she just left.”

I said, “I didn’t think she’d stay out in the rain.

“How are you Jake, Do you have your furniture yet?”

“No, I fucked up again. I was supposed to have seventy dollars for the delivery. You don’t get anything for free. I’d spent the money, so they put me on the list again. Maybe, next month.”

I said, “I heard that Weasel was in the hospital.”

Wolf said, “He was out with me. We were both over at Shark’s place doing some mushrooms. It was about 1:30am, I guess Shark wanted to go to bed, he asked us to leave. That’s why I don’t like to have people at my place, you can never get them to leave. Anyway, Weasel and I staggered back to my place. He was in rough shape, We’d both been into the Cosmo thing  — if you know what I mean. I think he’d been snorting some dummy dust. I put him in the bedroom, then I heard crashing noises. I went in, he’d torn my metal table in half and was hiding in the closet saying that people were shooting at him. I was pissed off, so I told him to leave. Half an hour later he came back with three cops. I told them that I had to put the two dogs in a room, so I had plenty of time to stash my pot and anything else I had out.

“I opened the door, invited the cops in. They asked me about the shooting. I told them, ‘There’s been no shooting here. It’s all in Weasel’s head.’ I showed them the mess he made. Showed them some photos of him and me together with the dogs, so that they knew we were buds. I asked them to take him somewhere. They said, ‘We don’t operate a taxi service.’ I said, ‘Do what you like then, but he’s not coming back in here.’ He was in the hospital for about five days. When he came back to get Bear he apologized, but he didn’t offer to pay for any of the damage. If he’d offered me a hundred bucks, I wouldn’t have turned him down.”


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