8 April 2013

Joy was in good spirits this morning. She has an appointment at 2:00 with her workers to get furniture for her apartment.”I just hope they show up this time. Twice in the past, I waited around all day for nothing. I hope I can get a DVD player, then I’ll be able to return the one I borrowed from Mariah. I’m going over to Chester’s later to borrow some DVDs. I’m tired of watching Transformers, the Godfather and Bladerunner over and over and over. I thought I’d never get tired of Bladerunner, but now I have the entire dialog memorized.”Andre has a new couch for me. He’s got it in storage along with a big table. It’ll have room on it for my TV and some of my nick-nacks. He invited me over for supper, but why should I go there when I have plenty of food at home.”

I said, “I was talking to Emile last week. He said he’d been sober for three months.”

“Well, he got drunk this past weekend.

“This morning I’m going back to tidy up, not that there’s much to tidy, just my air mattress and some laundry.

Albert and Grant stopped by to chat, so I said goodbye and headed off to work.


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