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Private Eye: Eugene Leftowicz


17 December 2013

This morning was the coldest yet. Numbers don’t give an accurate indication but exposed skin freezes in ten minutes. Both Joy and Ghyslain were out today. Joy was sitting on a plastic crate wearing an army parka, scarf over her face, drinking a large cup of tea.  Ghyslain was standing, as usual.

“Hi, Joy, it’s good to see you. How are things going with Big Jake?”

“He’s starting to piss me off. He doesn’t get up until nine o’clock. I’m going to have to be out here every day until Christmas to get some money.”

“How are you doing, Ghyslain? Did you sleep outside again last night?”

“Yeah, same place. I went to sleep at about seven o’clock. At two-thirty I was freezing, so I went to Tim Hortons for a coffee. I stayed there until I was warm.

”Went to the Mission for lunch today. You know how they have the surveillance cameras and the guards posted at the door. They stopped this one guy, lifted up the back of his shirt. He was covered in bed bug bites. They wouldn’t let him in. I don’t know why they stopped him from coming in. It’s not his fault.

“Saturday, I go to Rimouski, to visit my brother and sister. I contacted Share Your Ride — have you ever heard of them? I got a good price. To go by bus costs a hundred and fifty bucks. It’ll be good to see my family.”

Joy was cold and had to leave. I walked with Ghyslain to the corner. He wanted to get a free newspaper, probably for warmth.

I said, “I didn’t have much chance to talk to Joy. Do you know how she and Jake are getting along?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t ask. I don’t trust that guy.  I never have. Maybe he’s okay, but I don’t trust him.”


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