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12 March 2012

There was a full house at ‘the benches’ today, over a dozen adults, one baby, and a dog.

Shaggy was the first to greet me. She came bounding up to sniff my hand and nearly bit my knee. I scratched her for a while then she ran off barking at someone. Wolf said that she has been going crazy today. He gave her some biscuits, she ate them then wanted more. He offered her dry dog food and a bowl of water, but she just barked. Eventually, she lay down beside me. She allowed me to scratch her neck for a while, then indicated that she’d had enough. I thought she was going to bite my hand but she didn’t close her teeth. Little Jake has scars all over his hand where she has bitten him.

Shaggy limps due to a car accident. I asked Wolf about it. He said, “I don’t want to go there.”

I asked Jake about his weekend. “I had some ups and downs,” he said.

“I threw him out of my house Friday night,” said Wolf, “at three o’clock in the morning. I guess that would be one of the downs he’s talking about.”

“Yeah, I got a lot of people pissed off at me that night. I don’t know what happened.”

I asked Wolf about his weekend. “I had a barbeque. I was eating a piece of steak and I didn’t chew it well enough. Somehow it got stuck in my esophagus. I asked my friend to do the Heimlich maneuver on me. He did it wrong and I thought he broke some of my ribs. I was in so much pain that we sent for the paramedics. The hospital staff sure had a laugh at one drunk trying to help another drunk. I should say, they had a good laugh at me, since my friend didn’t stick around. They said the Heimlich maneuver wouldn’t have worked, even if it had been done properly, because both air passages would have to be blocked. Only one of mine was blocked. I was able to breathe through the other one. They shoved some kind of tool down my throat and were able to extract the piece of steak. They sure had a laugh.

“It turned out that I didn’t have any broken or cracked ribs. A couple have been bruised and separated. It hurts so much I can’t bend over to tie my shoes.”

I asked Hippo about his weekend. “I slept outside last night under the bridge. There is an exhaust fan overhead, I’ve got a good sleeping bag, the weather was mild, so, it wasn’t too bad.

“I’ve had it with the shelters. It’s really bad there now, mostly crackheads. Things get stolen, it’s noisy, fights start, there are bed bugs. I’d like to get a clean place that’s quiet, no bugs, and a lock on the door.”

I mentioned to him that I’d visited his Facebook site. “Then you saw the picture of the D11 Cat that I ran. That’s the world’s largest bulldozer. I operated that one at the Peace Canyon Dam near Chetwynd, British Columbia. The reservoir is Dinosaur Lake, thirteen miles long.”

I asked Shark about his weekend. “I’ve been sick. I’ve had a lot of pain in my legs, my right hip, and my shoulders from my HIV. Morphine makes me sick. I take the pills and sometimes they stay down, most times they come right back up. Marijuana and booze work better than morphine.

Bettie, Shakes’ daughter, came by with her baby. Everyone crowded around and commented on how cute he was, not at all like his grandfather. The baby started crying, so Bettie thought it best to move on.


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