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RRBC Interview, Eyes on the Book hosted by Rox Burkey


14 March 2012

Joy was cheerful today, singing her rain dance song, “Rain, rain go away / come again another day.”

I held my umbrella over her, but she said, “Don’t bother, I’m soaked through to the skin already.

“I’ve been sick since Friday. I was at Jacques’  house, cooking him supper and drinking his homemade wine. Usually, it doesn’t bother me, but this must have been a bad batch. I’ve been throwing up ever since.

“I was expecting Trudy and her dog Mitzie to come by today. Mitzie is cute, but I don’t touch her. She could be carrying fleas, bed bugs, or anything. I even stay clear of some of my friends because the shelters are full of bed bugs. I invited some friends to stay over because they had no place to sleep. When I next used the mattress it was crawling with bed bugs. I threw out a twenty-five hundred dollar mattress. I won’t do that again.

“I saw Andrea, my probation officer, Friday. She told me that Big Jake (six feet, four inches) is being sent to Millhaven Maximum Security Prison for assessment. Later, they may move him somewhere else. I don’t care as long as he’s not here.

“They are supposed to notify me when he gets out, but he’ll still find me. We have the same friends, but now there are a lot of them who are anxious to beat him up, especially Sausage Fingers. He has my permission.

“I’m looking for a new place. There are a couple that I’m going to view Saturday, in Vanier. It will be close to where I used to live.”

As I approached ‘the benches’  I saw Hippo rolling a cigarette.

“Have you been sleeping outdoors lately, Hippo?

“Last night I stayed at the Salvation Army. It was too wet to sleep outside.”

“How was it?”

“It was okay, better than sleeping in the rain.”

“Were there any bed bugs?”

“I didn’t notice any. I’m going back there at two o’clock for my P.N.A. (Personal Needs Allowance). It’s based on how long I’ve stayed there. I think I should get twenty-eight bucks this time. That’ll be good, especially since I don’t have any money now.”

I told Wolf that Joy had gotten sick drinking Jacques’ homemade, rice and raisin wine.

“That stuff is powerful, about twenty-eight percent alcohol. Jacques hasn’t been drinking lately, so I think that this last batch has had longer to ferment. I drank four twelve ounce glasses of that stuff. When I was going down the stairs I slipped and hit the back of my head on one of the steps. I got a big bump. I can still feel it.

“Weasel brought his dog, Goldie, to my place last night and he hasn’t been back since. Ar five-thirty this morning I had two dogs to walk.”

Shaggy bit Little Jake’s shoe and wouldn’t let go. Jake was dancing on one leg trying to get his foot out of her mouth.

“She bit my thumb Saturday,” said Wolf. “I bled like a stuck pig. You can still see the mark and it hurts like hell.”

“How old is Shaggy?”

“She’s ten and a half years old, come September. I can’t remember her birthday.”

“Do you think she is in any pain, perhaps from arthritis.?”

“No, she’s not in any pain.”

“I can run pretty fast.” said Little Jake, “I had Shaggy on her leash and was running with her. She was pulling me the whole way. She’s a strong dog.”

Wolf said, “I’d better get back home to check on Bear (part golden retriever, part boxer) and Bowser (a full-size stuffed dog that Shakes won at the fair, but he doesn’t remember). Maybe, Bowser has eaten Bear.”

“Shakes,” I asked, “has Shaggy ever bitten you?”

“Only once. For some reason, she didn’t want me to leave. She bit into the back of my pant leg and wouldn’t let go.”

“On Friday I saw your daughter Bettie with your grandson. What is his name?”

“Tomorrow, at least I call him that because I can’t pronounce his real name. I just say, ‘I’ll see you, Tomorrow.’ ”

“How many grandchildren do you have?” Shakes held up his hand with outstretched fingers indicating five.

“What is your other daughter’s name?”

“Fran, Francesca.”

“So does Bettie have two children and Fran three?”


“Are you planning to go to work at three o’clock?”

“Around there. Right now I just want to get drunk. I still have a bottle of sherry in my coat pocket, I have ten dollars in my wallet. I’m enjoying myself. I’m contented. Life is good.”


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