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RRBC Interview, Eyes on the Book hosted by Rox Burkey


20 March 2012

Joy wasn’t in her spot today. I went to the next block to talk with Nick. “So what excuse does Joy have for not being here today?” he asked.

“She was kicked in the knee by some guy yesterday morning. While we were sitting together he came up to us and just stared. Joy said, ‘Get lost!’ After I left he came back and kicked her in the knee.”

“What was his reason for that?”

“He was crazy.”

“That explains it.”

“She also had a problem with some Twinkies and Candy Kids who tried to take her spot.”

“Joy wouldn’t have any of that. These kids come from the suburbs. I don’t know what they think they’re playing at.”

“I’m half an hour early for work because I can’t depend on the buses getting me here on time. The service is really poor now.”

“I guess you heard that they have a new guy in charge of the transit commission. He’s only been in the job a month and now he’s on a cruise in the Caribbean.”

“That shows where our money is going.  I’ve traveled quite a bit. I’m originally from the Hamilton area.”

“How is your day going, so far?”

“I’ve been here since six forty-five. Tuesdays are always slow. I’ll be staying until about ten-thirty. After that, it’s quiet, not many people passing by. I’ll stay later, depending on how much I’ve collected.”

“What days are the best for you?”

“Friday is always the best. People feel generous because of the coming weekend. The second would be Monday. I guess people still have some of that good spirit left.”


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