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RRBC Interview, Eyes on the Book hosted by Rox Burkey


20 April 2012
The weather today was overcast, with a cool breeze and a threat of rain. Half a dozen of my friends had congregated. Near the bench today was Wolf and his dog Shaggy, Buck, and his dog Dillinger. Shaggy barked nearly continuously. She wasn’t used to another dog being around.
Shark asked me, “Are you going to be at Queen’s Park at four o’clock? They’re expecting about two thousand people to turn out to protest the prohibition of marijuana.
“No,” I said, “I don’t think I can get leave from work for that, but best of luck. I think they should decriminalize all drugs like they’ve proposed in British Columbia. In Vancouver, at the Porter Hotel Society on Hastings Street, they have a safe injection site. Drugs are available by prescription from doctors. There is a guarantee of high quality.
“Another benefit is that there aren’t as many hypodermic needles discarded in parks, where kids or other people can become accidentally injected, or infected.”
Shark said, “I get medicinal marijuana, but if I run out early, I have to pay five bucks per gram. The street cost is ten.”I’m on O.D.S.P. (Ontario Disability Support Program), it covers my basic expenses, food, and rent. This month I bought a new television, so I’m going to be short until the thirtieth when my check comes in.”
“How much does O.D.S.P. pay?” asked Inuk.
“The basic is about six hundred per month to cover food and rent. Then there are other perks you can apply for. A friend of mine gets two hundred as a diaper allowance. He doesn’t need diapers, but he went to his doctor, looked sheepish, said he kept having accidents about four or five times a day. The doctor wrote a note for him to get a diaper allowance.”
“Jake,” I said, ” you’re quiet today.”
“I’m still on my first bottle. I was sitting at the corner for the last hour trying to get a buck ten to make my price.”
Shark said, “It took Buck and I an hour, in front of the liquor store, to make fifteen cents.”


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