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MigrantPOSTED ON DECEMBER 7, 2015Traveling by railway we follow seasonal harvests across the country, our   bodies huddled in the freezing box car.  Maria gave birth to a baby boy on the cold floor.  We are not Hoboes, not homeward bound. We are seeking work, we are used to hardship.The sting of citrus scents the air. At times it is so quiet in the fields the thud of rotting fruit can be heard when it reaches the earth.  There is little conversation, the crop overseer keeps a close eye and the threat of being reported undocumented is as real as a bull whip.Maria has strung a sheet separating the cots in the one room shed we share with another family.  Their children lie on a pallet on the unheated floor; they fall asleep to the sounds of copulation.  Perhaps someday they will have a door to close.I  awaken before dawn and join the men and abled bodied women waiting at the corner where the grove owner will select the workers he will take to the fields.  I have brought my gloves; Today I feel  I will be one of the  chosen.  Yesterday I went home empty handed.It frightens me to see Maria so frail, her skin barely covering her brittle bones and  her dark  fists of fear eyes. Her milk drying up with the rest of her,  the baby cries.  I worry for myself. If she dies I don’t know what will happen to the child.  Just the two of us, I know I can’t do it. This morning her desperate eyes stare into mine. I look away from the hunger and fear. She knows  if she dies I will leave the boy behind.  Inside my boot I  feel the imprint of the stolen knife blade against my ankle. This morning I take my desperation with me.  Today I must do something.

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Derby News


For the homeless in Derby there is not much cheer at Christmas, and the biting cold weather of winter, means that staying warm and being fed is the only purpose in life. Feeling the spirit of the yuletide season is a distant luxury.

Street Safe@PACE have been operating for just over a year providing hot food, and other necessities, in the centre of Derby, to those who are homeless,  rough sleeping and the vulnerable. For their second Christmas/winter period they are promoting an initiative to give 100+ people a bag of items that will make life a little more bearable over the next few months – plus a selection box of chocolates to give them a hint, and reminder of a popular Christmas tradition – and perhaps happier times.

Radio Derby had offered to provide some substantial practical support with this project by collecting donated items as part of…

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……     A History of Gay Pride

First day homeless ..

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Can it get any worse?

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welcome to my happy place

I have no money, no income, no way of supporting myself, and as of yesterday I have to find a new place to live. I’m pretty sure my best friends boyfriend got into her head and talked her into having me move out. Fine. Power, gone. It’s been in my name since I moved in and she hasn’t paid it. She’s also been working from home off my Internet. Guess what? Gone. You don’t need me when you’re not financially gaining from me. Then good. Bye. I have no where to turn. Not even any money for food. I just tried calling my mom and she said sorry I can’t do anything. Evil is on a downward spiral, good broke up with me. I’ve been off my medications. I’m frozen in fear. I guess I’ll go starving.

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Native Lux

History has been made! Congratulations to our Cree sister Ashley Callingbull!!! First First Nations woman to win Miss Universe 2015 and first Canadian representative to win.

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Follow her twitter and Instagram:

Twitter: @AshCallingbull

Instagram: ash_burnham

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Queen of the Universe

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Basia J Wolf

For those of you who’ve been following the Karen Yellowtail story from way back, you will know that Ashley Callingbull, the Canadian First Nations (Cree) actress, model and beauty queen, is the inspiration behind this character.

As soon as I read Ashley’s story and how she never but never gave up and aimed for the stars no matter what, I knew that she had to be the source of Karen’s strength and light. Last night in Minsk, Belarus, Ashley won the Mrs Universe 2015 title, the first Canadian to do so, and the first First Nations woman to win an international beauty contest.

There is more than beauty to Ashley Callingbull. There is intelligence and generosity and a genuine desire to improve the lives of children who are having a similar start in life as she did. And her success enables her to help whenever and wherever she can. It is rare in this world…

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Starfish Throwers

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Acts of kindness


It sounds like something small boys do while mum is looking the other way, but actually it’s something we all should do. Because throwing starfish matters. Throwing starfish makes a difference. Contrary to how it sounds throwing starfish is actually a good thing.

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Everyone has a story

Terry The Tourist

Over the past 18 months, coincidentally or not round about since I have been married, I’ve found substantially more contentment, and peace. I’ve started to take care of my mental health and noticed I have become increasingly empathetic of others.

Although it’s a drop in the ocean compared to those that dedicate their life to others, I’ve got involved with charity more and tried where possible to help those they really need it. Whether it is advice, an ear to listen or just a smile and acceptance.


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Invisible People

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I have always been fond of giving back to the community and helping those that are less fortunate than ourselves. A little bit of generosity; such as, monetary donation, food, shelter and clothes. The slightest change of perception can go a long way for somebody who has nothing. However, not all times I have found myself in a position to contribute to our society, but when I do it makes me feel content and warm-hearted; knowing that I made a difference: putting a smile on someone’s face and contributing to their needs.

I have realised that some people don’t feel comfortable giving to homeless people for what ever reason that might be. The stereotypical concept on homeless people are that they are alcoholics, con-artists, or perhaps they just don’t feel that they deserve any help because they think it’s their own fault for putting themselves in that position to begin…

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