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This page is dedicated to my friend and brother by another mother, Sid Nachman.

Strictly for Seniors

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My book is really non-fiction with a bit of bullshit thrown in for good luck. It’s about how I grew up in the forties and fifties in short-story format for readers who can’t take their face out of Facebook. It may appeal to some older folks, too. It takes you into my world, how I grew up as a child, battled my demons and found happiness on Delancey Street in West Philadelphia. The stories attempt to answer burning questions like, “Could the kids of today survive in that time or would they run home to Mommy? Was sex treated the same way? Would you be a schmuck or a hero on Delancey Street?”
Pastor Bob Bremer, Indiana says, “This book as well as the Preview is a must read for all Christians. Sid has captured the best and the worst of an era long gone by.”
The Reverend, Ladd K. Harris, Episcopal Priest retired, comments, “This book captures the author’s early life in Philadelphia, Pa. with wit, charm, creativity and realism and gives you some good laughs.”.
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About the Author
At 77 years of age Sid still has a smile on his face. Surviving manic depression and four failed marriages seems to have made him stronger. "I'm happier than a pig in shit. As long as my jigger stands up it's a beautiful day." He believes that life is preordained. "You can twist and turn but God already has it all figured out."

Now is the best time of my life.At 77 years of age I have never been happier. It’s as if God decided to give me a break. “You’ve survived melanoma 3 times, a ten year bout with manic depression, and four failed marriages. I don’t know what other kupvatics (headaches) to hurl at you. Maybe I’ll give you a few years of peace.” I guess I shouldn’t give myself any kinahoras (pats on the back). Mom said it might come back to bite me. So come hell or high water I’m going to enjoy myself. No more bullshitting myself or anybody else for whatever time I have left. I’ll always remember that life is besharet (preordained). We can twist and turn but God has it all figured out.


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Excerpts From A Roll In Hay (In Progress)


This book is for you my precious children, who turned out much better than expected as well as anyone else who wants to read it. I love each of you kids even though I don’t talk to you that much. What I say to you now is wrinkling my brow, but I’ll say it anyway, whether you like it or not. So here goes. Life is and will always be an adventure that’s “besharet”, preordained by God. He offers us many paths to take, to learn, to laugh, to cry and to strengthen our resolve on the long twisting road to eternity. Try as we might to turn night into day and think that we can, He’s always watching our every move. I’m not a religious man, but I do believe God’s always there through the good and the bad if you just take His hand. He took my hand when I wasn’t all there, watched over me when I was a lost child disrespecting my mother and dad. He kept on holding my hand as I grew from a boy into a man, much too selfish and proud. Boy was I bad! I thought I knew everything, never learned how to get my foot out of my mouth. Why did God wait so long to teach me what happiness is when it’s so hard to pee? Read my book and you’ll see that I’m not so bad. I’m worse. I’ve included graphic footage of my exploits with women, not to show off but to prove to you that my mother wasn’t the only person who shaped my thinking. Please don’t let your children read this book until they are much older. I trust you’ll use your discretion. In the interim try to remember me as just a very happy, dirty old man having fun watching you from the fifty yard line of my mind marked, “BE A GOOD FATHER EVEN WHEN MY KIDS THINK I’M A PAIN IN THE ASS!”


This book should not be read by:
1) Bible Thumpers
2) Lilly-Pure Persons
3) Readers who cringe at cursing
4) Anyone who thinks his shit doesn’t stink

*To all of the above I humbly beg your pardon. I grew up in a neighborhood where curse words, vulgarity and self-deprecating humor were imprinted in my soul and as hard as I try never left me.


“Mom! Contrary to what you said I’m definitely not the handsomeness or smartest guy in the world. There are a few other people out there who are better looking and more intellectually gifted than me although most of them are dead!.…Yes! I know I shouldn’t think that I’m better than everyone else, even if I am!.. Mom! I know it’s a sin!…Yes, I know God will punish me!… Mother! Put your face up close to mine! Give me one of your big smackarooes on the lips! Not everything you told me is bullshit! Some of your truths got through! Don’t you dare think you wasted your time. I am the man you wanted me to be except for a few little quirks! I’m giving you an A+ for effort whether you like it or not!… Mother! Please don’t cry! You’re making me feel like shit!”


This book is dedicated to my chief editor and loving sweetheart,Linda. Everything contained herein would have never have seen the light of day if not for her perseverance and love.


All my life I search
Far and wide
Half-blind with
Bloodshot eyes
And too many brides
For a hint of my mother
in another woman
All I find
Is another mistake
And another bride
Until one day
God drops by to talk
He says,
“Sid. Stop playing games!”
For once in my life I listen
I try to behave
Lo and behold
He touches my soul
And plunks down Linda
I thank Him and promise
I’ll be good the rest of life
I have no choice
He’s always watching me
And I know
I don’t have much time left
To be good

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