Street Safe giving a ‘Warmer Winter’ to the homeless and vulnerable

Posted: December 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

Derby News


For the homeless in Derby there is not much cheer at Christmas, and the biting cold weather of winter, means that staying warm and being fed is the only purpose in life. Feeling the spirit of the yuletide season is a distant luxury.

Street Safe@PACE have been operating for just over a year providing hot food, and other necessities, in the centre of Derby, to those who are homeless,  rough sleeping and the vulnerable. For their second Christmas/winter period they are promoting an initiative to give 100+ people a bag of items that will make life a little more bearable over the next few months – plus a selection box of chocolates to give them a hint, and reminder of a popular Christmas tradition – and perhaps happier times.

Radio Derby had offered to provide some substantial practical support with this project by collecting donated items as part of…

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  1. Bob Mills says:

    I can’t even begin to imagine how I would cope were this my situation!
    Respect to you guys, great job


  2. Great project, good luck.


  3. It is really great that someone out there is taking the initiative to help the homeless and yes it will be a long cold winter for some people although here in the US east coast we may get a reprieve from the snow this year goes in cycles last two years weird weather this year may be mild see you take care keep up the good work.


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