By Tony Roberts

Posted: November 23, 2013 in Dialog, Prose
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Having served in ministry with
madness, I now have a mission.
And I can use your help.


Help me share Delight in Disorder with the world.

Delight in Disorder is a resource we have long needed.
We all need to hear from people who have struggled with mental illness
and have found, indeed, that nothing can separate us from God’s great
and redeeming love. This book is honest about the experience of living
with bipolar disorder, and it’s full of compassion toward the many people
whose own moods betray them so treacherously. It’s also full of hope—
not the cheap kind we use to varnish over the truth about ourselves and
about this life we live. But the only kind of hope that can stand when
everything else falls: hope in Christ and his grace.
Amy Simpson— Author,
Troubled Minds: Mental Illness and the Church’s Mission

We are on a mission to share the hope of Christ with people who,like me wrestle
with mental illness.  Our mission is also to foster the compassion of Christ within
the faith community towards those that have often been like bruised reeds broken
by false accusations and wrongful judgments.

To find out more about our mission and, as the Spirit leads, offer your support,
go to our indiegogo site by clicking on the following link –

May you be blessed as you are a blessing,
Tony Roberts
  1. spartacus2030 says:

    Thank you Dennis! I really just about believe the same thing. Jesus isn’t just a figure to admire for His principles! He genuinely loves us all and provides some good, practical advice in The Bible about how we should treat one another, and I DO think more people should be taking heed to his sound and timely advice, that still stands today, just as pertinent as it was some 2000 years ago!


  2. Reblogged this on Life from Grace and commented:
    As someone who has experienced the effects of mental illness in my life and experienced the reaction of the church and it’s members to mental illness, we need more people and organizations like this. People and Christians who present the hope that can be found in mental illness through the redemption that can only come from Jesus and not just shaming them and telling them it’s a sin in their life.


  3. Order is highly over rated. Chaos can be a very creative experience.


  4. leewriter says:

    Reblogged this on Join the Spiritual Evolution: Live Beyond Your Ego and commented:
    Chaos is part of the creative experience. Writing a novel, although plenty of discipline is required to keep the plot meandering too far astray, also requires a certain of chaos. You need to let your imagination go wild with chaotic energy.


  5. davezart says:

    Chaos may be good for creativity, I agree. But having a mental illness as debilitating as depression can be does not aid the creative juices. When I suffer deep depression, all i want to do is curl up into a ball and sleep. It is at the beginning, or end of the cycle when the expressive juices run and I am able to complete some good works of art or writing. My room is chaotic, my artspace and mobile art studio are orderly, out of need to be able to find what i need at my fingertips.
    As a gay Christian, my mind is sometimes a mess of conflicting ideas and emotions. I wish you best with this project.


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