Goodreads Review

Posted: September 1, 2014 in Uncategorized
I think we often forget that the people we pass on the street, the homeless men and woman all around us are just that, men and women that had something happen in their life to land them there. Many of us are one step away from joining them and author Dennis Cardiff brings light to the reality of living on the streets and how people get there. Very insightful book that I would recommend to everyone to remind them that we all belong to one group, the human group and none of us are all that different. Excellent look into a problem most turn their heads from.
  1. Hadel says:

    Great article … OK to Reblog, right? I double check now so excuse me. Hadel 😉


  2. Kay Clayton says:

    Fabulous! Great for you, the author–and good to know that people are learning the important information you share!


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