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24 September 2014

Good morning, Chuck. Tomorrow is the big day, isn’t it? The day you get your enclosed scooter?”

“Well, that’s the way it’s supposed to work. My son has promised to drive me out there. My lady friend has taken time off work to come with me. I can never depend on my son, he may decide that he has to drive to the other side of town first.  He’ll say, ‘Relax, you got all day. What else do you have to do?’ The thing is I do have things to do. I have people depending on me. His ex-wife was like that. She’s native and they have a different way of looking at time. She had a good job. Her boss asked her to come into his office. She thought to herself, I’ve got plans right now. I’ll go see him tomorrow.  Well, when she came to work the next day he fired her. She could never understand why. I have a lot of natives in my family. I love them all, but they try to live the way they did two hundred years ago.

“It’s the same with the States and Britain.  If things aren’t going their way, they act like they did in Colonial times — invade here, invade there, to hell with everybody else.

“I’ve been a drug addict an alcoholic, but the natives in my family are all alcoholics. They can’t handle it. Their systems haven’t had thousands of years of building immunity.

“Speaking of natives, there used to be a very pretty woman who’d sit on the grass across the street from the coffee shop. She wouldn’t panhandle she’d just sit.  Every so often she’d get a phone call and would head off to one of the hotels. She’d be gone for about an hour then she’d be back again.

I said, “I know her, it’s Gwendolyn. I’ve given her meal cards. I’ve also met her at the park. She’s beautiful and very friendly. I remember her asking me if I had a cigarette. I said, ‘Sorry, I don’t smoke.’ She said, ‘ I wish I didn’t.’ Then we chatted for a while before joining the rest of the group. I heard that she’s going out with a big guy, with a beard, who’s never far away.’

Chuck said, “It’s the drugs and the booze that drives them into that line of work.’