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4.0 out of 5 stars
Stories Of The Homeless. Will leave an impression long after you read it.
 September 15, 2014
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This review is from: Gotta Find a Home: Conversations with Street People (Kindle Edition)
Dennis Cardiff has written a book about the stories of several homeless people he has met. This book will remind you that everyone is human and we all could end up homeless. Most people take everything and everyone they have for granted. This book everyone’s top 100 reading list. Dennis Cardiff is also giving a portion of his sales to the homeless. Gotta Find A Home is well written and will leave your soul touched with the stories of these poor people. We all should volunteer our time or even a little bit of money to the homeless or the poor. This is a must read.




15 September 2014

“Good morning, Dennis, I missed you on Friday.”

“Yeah, I didn’t come to work Friday morning. How was your weekend?”

‘It was okay, quiet. I went to the mall on Saturday to have coffee with my friends and to get a refill for one of my prescriptions. I took it to the clerk at the desk. He looked at it and said, ‘This won’t be ready for a while.’ I said, ‘I don’t mind waiting. I’ll go have a coffee.’ The clerk said, ‘By a while, I meant, it wont be ready until tomorrow afternoon.’ I wasn’t very happy with that. It meant an extra trip downtown, but I said, ‘I’ll be back then.’ I came down Sunday afternoon, asked for my prescription and he said, ‘It’s not ready yet. Would you care to wait?’ I said, ‘No I don’t fuckin’ want to wait. I’ve already been waiting twenty-six hours, because somebody hasn’t done their job. Now get that prescription ready. You don’t want to see me really mad.’ To settle my nerves I  went to the food court to buy a coffee. When I went back to the pharmacy my prescription was ready.

“Four security guards followed me out of the pharmacy. They asked me if anything was wrong. I said, ‘Everything is under control. You can go back to work now.’ They’d never seen me so mad. I generally get along well with security, except for this one asshole, I think he’s dead now. He was a real creep. He’d molest women. There was a big woman I used to have coffee with every so often. By big I mean, she took up two chairs in McDonald’s.  She had to sit with her leg sticking out in the aisle. She couldn’t help it.  The security guard came up to her one time, pointed at her leg then asked, ‘Does that mean you’re open for business?’

“I called him out on that, but he was too much of a chickenshit to come outside with me. He knew I’d beat the shit out of him. He had a lot of complaints, then I didn’t see him again. I heard from one of the other security guards that he’d died. I said to him, ‘Thank God for small mercies.’

“I have to leave soon. I’m expecting delivery of a Dyson fan — one of those hot and cool fan heaters. It’s supposed to reduce my energy bill. The only thing I use electricity for is lights,  listening to the weather for about ten minutes in the morning, and watching television for about an hour in the evening. Before bed I have the heater turned towards the bed, then I have my shower, dry off quickly, run naked to the bedroom, and by that time my bed is warm. Then I turn off the heater.